Sir Cherrington

Real Name: Mitch Cherry.
Also Known As: Sir Cherrington.
Hometown: Coventry, UK.

Favourite Game Genres: Action, adventure, & RPGs.
Favourite Games: Elite Dangerous, Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls series, & World of Warcraft.
Favourite Retro Games:  Final Fantasy 7 & 8, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Shining Force 1 & 2, and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
Favourite Gaming Drink: Fireball whiskey, Lucozade orange, & San Pellegrino Rosso.
Favourite Gaming Snack: Jaffa Cakes & Oreos.

Favourite Films: Doctor Strange, Equilibrium, Under Siege 1 & 2.
Favourite TV Shows: 
Archer & The IT Crowd.
Favourite Music Genres: Chiptune/8Bit, dubsteb, metal, & rock.
Favourite Artists/Bands: Amon Amarth, Krewella, & Slipknot.
Favourite Sports: Ice Hockey & Mixed Martial Arts.
Favourite Teams: Coventry Blaze & Nashville Predators.
Favourite Pastimes: Board games, gaming, & yo-yoing.


About Me: For myself, gaming started around 4 years old, where I played on my mother’s Commodore 64. A few years later, I moved onto to my very first console, the Playstation. I remember countless hours playing Final Fantasy 7, and countless more playing 8. It was 1997, which started my love for PC gaming, where I started playing Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and several years later Warcraft 3, something unbeknownst to me that would start an obsession that I occasionally dabble in today.

In 2004, a game was released which changed the way I played games; no longer just playing games with my friends when they would visit, but playing games with not just friends, but also thousands of other players. Of course, I’m talking about World of Warcraft. I spent 6 years playing WoW. No matter what other games I played, none could keep me away long enough.

Moving onto the present, I continue my love for PC gaming, and don’t see that changing (even now, I still dabble in WoW, just nowhere near as much as i have previously).