Episode 12: Video Gaming In 1987

We’re back! We’ve had a short break and are ready to crack on with our second season. To get things started, Luke, Sam, and Andy take a look back at the year 1987 and its hardware and software, along with a good chunk of the music, films, and news of the time.

1987’s Golden Joystick award went to Out Run, Sega’s fantastic arcade racer. So the lads sat down for a few rounds before recording to discuss the game in greater detail, as a bonus segment.

We’ve decided to start incorporating additional multimedia content, where possible, into our episodes. As such, a set of supplementary artwork, mentioned throughout the episode can be downloaded here, if wanted.

As you can probably tell, the music in this episode has been changed up a bit from season one – our very own Andy has dusted off his guitar to provide us with some original compositions.

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