Episode 11: Season One Special

It’s time for our very first bonus episode! Luke, Sam, and Joh… Andy look back over season one of The AltFCore Podcast to discuss their favourite moments, what they’ve learnt, and what they’ve enjoyed from the first ten episodes.

Luke has compiled compilations of our funniest moments, bloopers, deleted scenes, and musical numbers that are interspersed throughout the episode. He’s also created individual blooper reels of three hosts, which can be found here.

We are going to another week off before starting season two – but we’re ready to hit the ground running, and will return on 6th October (in a slightly earlier time slot).

Did you enjoy this episode? We’re looking to start incorporating listener mail in our second season, so feel free to send us some questions or messages. You can email us here or contact us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. Our YouTube Channel is now up and running, you can find it here.