Episode 5: 2D Mario Games

In this 5th episode, join Luke, Sam, and John on their look at the some of the most important Mario games of all time; a topic so large they had to split it in half.

This week, the lads look at the NES trilogy, All-Stars and World for the SNES, and the reboot for the new millennium – with some honourable mentions for good measure. Also, can John redeem his quiz loss from last week, or is he destined to slip further behind?

We’d like to apologise for the audio quality of this episode. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of a heatwave whilst recording this episode which necessitated opening all of the windows at AltFCore HQ. Normal, rainy service should resume next week. We’ve also invested in a brand new microphone – so no more recording episodes on Luke’s smartphone. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell the difference next week!

Oh if you’re interested – Sam’s “I’ll link that in the description”, Luke was referencing this famous scene from a 1998 episode of EastEnders

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